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The First Folio

June 2022

1616 NFTs depicting the first of the Bards, William Shakespeare himself, in all his glorious degeneracy.

We sold out our collection as a free mint, at a price of only 0.069 SOL per NFT.

Launching was about finding our community, our tribe, and not about raising capital. Everything we have built has been thanks to our ability to generate sustainable revenue in an otherwise volatile ecosystem.

A first take is rarely perfect… In fact, it's usually just practice.

The Resurrection

June 2023

A first of its kind, generative AI art collection, the likes of which the Blockchain has never seen before.

Part art upgrade, part distillation of both supply and community; all free.

We're proud of our degen roots, and the First Folio will always have a special place in our heart and our history. But playtime is over. It's time to take a leap, and rise up stronger from the flames of Resurrection.

Welcome to MetaBards... Reborn.